Just wanted to thank you for the recommendation on the Stila under-eye concealer. It’s changed my world. I will officially follow you into fire – you are amazing.
— Leah Dwornik, Marketing Guru
Genn is someone who certainly knows her craft. An expert makeup artist and skincare expert, she is able to relay this information to the public in a way that shows she’s knowledgeable but also friendly and approachable. The anchors haven’t yet tossed her a question that she’s been unable to answer in a way that’s thoughtful and articulate.
— Jene Luciani, The Bra Book Author
Genn Shaughnessy has sprouted wings and is flying through makeup looks.
— James Pickett, Photographer
BRAVO!! BRAVO!! I am floored by the outcome and honored to have worked with you!! Thank you so much.
— Brigid McCann, ONARA Director of Sales