"MY makeup has never looked this good in my entire life" 

Lea C. 

“Just wanted to thank you for the recommendation on the Stila under-eye concealer. It’s changed my world. I will officially follow you into fire – you are amazing.
Leah Dwornik
Marketing Guru

BRAVO!! BRAVO!! I am floored by the outcome and honored to have worked with you!! Thank you so much.
Brigid McCann”
O N A R A®
Director of Sales-US

“I am the fashion and style expert for Fox 23 News, where Genn regularly does beauty segments. Genn is someone who certainly knows her craft. An expert makeup artist and skincare expert, she is able to relay this information to the public in a way that shows she’s knowledgeable but also friendly and approachable. The anchors haven’t yet tossed her a question that she’s been unable to answer in a way that’s thoughtful and articulate.”
Jene Luciani
Broadcast Personality and Fashion Writer

“Genn is one of the hardest working people I know. She is the epitome of the triple threat. If she does not know an answer she will find it for you. If Genn does not know how something works she will teach herself. Genn is very knowledgeable and is always up to date on everything that is happening in the fashion and beauty industry. She is very organized and is always on top of everything that she has in her planner. It is and always will be a pleasure working for, and with her. Dark Shadows Media is her baby, her mastermind and she is definitely working hard to make it the best Media company ever.”
Alexsa Flete
Editor and Beauty & Fashion Writer

Hi Genn,

…I’m defiantly going to keep you in my records regarding future events. It’s been a great pleasure working alongside such a professional as yourself…

“I was in touch with a public relations firm in NYC about distributing my press kit, and sent them a copy of my headshots.  He called me the next day and wanted to know who had done my plastic surgery, as I looked 10 years younger.  I told him no surgery, I had just spent an hour with Genn Shaughnessy for my make-up!”
Suzannne McComas
Private Investigator

Lorrie C.11/11/14“Genn was very personable and friendly. She explained things very well and never pushed products. I bought because I liked what she used I didn’t buy because she was high pressure.”

Jennifer N.11/11/14“Genn was so nice! She made sure to show us exactly what she was doing so we could do it ourselves! “

Catherine R.11/09/14“Genn was really great with my daughter and her friend. They were at ease immediately and she knew just how much to do and how to talk to them. They had a good time and loved the results and were talking about it all the way home. “

Joanne E R.11/07/14“Explained what she was doing as she went along so I would be able to do it at home.”

Karen C.10/22/14” Genn is very knowledgeable with a great personality.”

Melissa F.10/17/14“Genn was a pleasure to work with and gave a clear explanation of everything she was doing. “

Leisha K.10/10/14“I love Genn Shaughnessy! Definitely book your next appointment here!”

Priscilla J.9/30/14“Genn thoroughly knows and explained the products and graciously answered all questions. She is very personable and really enjoys her work.”

Alexis W.9/30/14“Aside from fabulous makeup, Genn’s office was comfortable and she was very easy to talk to and between the two I was very at ease. Being comfortable made it easy to learn and Genn did a great job teaching and personalizing the session for my needs. “

Katelyn D.9/23/14“I found Genn to be completely professional, and genuine! I was extremely excited for my appointment with her that I actually made it on my birthday! She made me look fabulous and feel special on my special day! I have always had a passion for make up, and Genn really helped me with the little tricks that I did not know what to or about things that I had no idea about at all. I would certainly recommened her for make up lessons, or make up applications. I hope that Genn will be available for the next event that I will need my make up done for!”

Amanda B.9/17/14“She’s so nice and fun me and my friend had a great time ! “

Penny K.9/13/14“Genn did excellent work on my lesson and i love how my look came out… She was super personable and professional"

Jessica H.8/26/14“My friend and I absolutely loved our session with Genn! I was clueless about makeup and wanted to learn what colors would make my eyes pop, how best to apply foundation, and what a good routine was! We even learned how to contour! I learned how to fix my wonky eyebrow! I’ll definitely come back for any special event!”

Sharon L.8/19/14“Genn Shaughnessy was great. She is an excellent communicator and very prompt with texts and emails. She really does take time to get to know what you want for makeup. My trial lasted 2 hours because she took extra time to find out what worked best for me. She is very talented at doing makeup on different types of faces. I think she’s awesome and would recommend her to anyone!”

“I walked out onto the patio and Bob stopped.  Walked up to me, kissed me and said, “You look gorgeous”.
We’ve been together eight years and it’s been two years since the wedding, he still says to date, “Danielle’s wedding was the most beautiful I’ve seen you look”.
He can tell you himself if you like…
My girlfriends saw the pics. of the wedding and flipped out saying I looked like a model. The people of/at the wedding who know my plain-jane persona made comments for months afterwards at how amazing I looked.”
T. Ann Trask”
Fitness Trainer

“Thanks again for your time today – Tonya and I were very impressed at your professionalism as well as the work you did to make people look great!…I hope to have the opportunity to work with you again.”
Matt Ramos
Matt Ramos Photography

“Hi Genn!
You are the BEST! I am obsessed with the makeup you did last week. You are so freakin’ talented I can’t even stand it!”
(Kaylea Race, Model)

“Hey Genn,
Thanks so much for helping with the shoot. You totally made those shots unique. Hopefully we will get to work together again.”
(Kimberly Sarah, Model)