Where can I buy a decent cheap curling iron?

Whether you prefer big sexy curls or feel like rocking tighter ringlets, PRO Beauty Tools 24K Gold Plated Curling Irons are sure to keep your curls looking flawless all night long! The superior professional heating system uses a patented pulse technology to ensure optimum heat levels and consistent performance through an electronic sensor which detects heat loss and signals the heating system to boost iron’s heat for infallible performance. The 24K gold plating barrels combined with advanced heat technology provides high, even heat that covers the entire inner surface of the barrel to distribute heat faster & more evenly than conventional irons. PRO Beauty Tools 24K Gold Plated Curling Irons are ideal for all hair types and heats up to 430F for frizz-free, long-lasting, shiny curls that last until your next wash!

For salon results at a fraction of the price, PRO Beauty Tools 24K Gold Plated Curling Irons can be found at Target and range from $18.99-$22.99

1 and ¼ in. Barrel ($18.99; Target) Shown above

bove; 1 in. Barrel ($21.99;Target)