What make up brush do I use ?

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With all the newly emerging makeup brush lines, and lines now dabbing into the brush market, it's no surprise you are here looking for information on what they all are, what they do and what brushes are good for you. I always say, It's more important to have brushes, and cheap makeup then all the best makeup in the world without any makeup brushes. Brushes are the foundation to ANY makeup application and can dictate what kind of makeup application you will be able to produce. Brushes can range anywhere from $5 to Hundreds of dollars per brush depending on the manufacturer and materials. They are made up of three parts; a handle, a ferrel (the metal surrounding the bristles) and brush head (bristles), each is attached to the other with glue.

There are two types of makeup brush bristles; Synthetic and Natural Hair Bristles. A synthetic brush is man-made and meant for wet or dry product as it is non-pourous and does not absorb water. It is usually made from a nylon or taklon bristle that will not absorb wet products so it is ideal for skincare, concealers and foundations

Natural Brushes are made from a variety of animal hair such as squirrel, goat, Japanese pony, etc… It is best used for dry products as it is porous and absorbs anything wet like your own hair would.


makeup brush types by genn shaughnessy main image copy
makeup brush types by genn shaughnessy main image copy
  • Eyeshadow Primer, #1
  • Eye Shadow (eyelid), #2
  • Angled Eye Shadow, #3
  • Crease, #4
  • Brow Highlight, #5
  • Blending, #6
  • Detail Brush, #7
  • Angled Liner, #8
  • Flat Liner, #9
  • Pointed Liner, #10
  • Pencil Smudging, #11
  • Angled Eyebrow, #12
  • Plastic or Steel Eyelash comb with brush, #13
  • Spoolie Mascara and Eyebrow Wand, #14
  • Brow Highlight, Detail #15
  • Foam Shadow, Blending #16


  • Foundation Primer, #16
  • Concealer, #1
  • Foundation, #16
  • Flat Foundation, #17
  • Pointed Foundation, #18
  • Round Foundation, #19
  • Squared Foundation, #20
  • Powder, #21
  • Blush, #22
  • Bronzer, #23
  • Angled Contour & Blush, #24
  • Highlighter, Contour, Under Eye Powder #25
  • Stiple, #26
  • Kabuki, #27
  • Fan Brush, #28

LIP Brush #29

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