What I used on the set of Pottersville

Shooting anything, whether it's a film, commercial, psa or tv, comes with it's own set of challenges. Pottersville was a movie set in upstate NY in the dead of winter and had some pretty extreme weather challenges. 

My job as Key makeup artist and makeup & hair swing was to assist the Department Head in applying makeup prior to shooting, following her direction on what she wanted and ensuring whatever was applied, was maintained throughout the filming. 

The actors I had as Key initially in the makeup room (Michael Torpey and Debargo Sandal) were both male, both featured on camera, and both outside most of the days. In order to ensure they were both camera ready, I had to asses their skin tone, and even out anything that was red, blotchy or cover up any shaving cuts or blemishes. This is for HD so it must be extremely light and natural coverage. Nothing too heavy, or dark. Think opposite News Anchor makeup. 

Another thing to take into consideration is discoloration in the skin due to beards, acne scars, etc. If you find that your actor / actress is having issues with "ashiness" it's best to lightly use a red / pink based concealer as a color corrector.

My go to is always it cosmetics for foundation powder, concealer and blot powder. After moisturizing I used Bye Bye under eye concealer for spot coverage, followed up with Celebration Foundation Powder. Finished everything with the Bye Bye Pores Loose Powder


1. Apply moisturizer to clean skin

2. Asses skin for imperfections, bruising, etc. Think about lighting, script, location, etc. 

3. Lightly cover under eyes (if talent has dark circles), blemishes, bruises and cuts with concealer using a concealer brush.  (I use it cosmetics bye bye under eyes

4. Blend edges with a clean brush (no product), and using a powder brush apply foundation powder lightly, and lightly finish with Bye Bye Pores Loose Powder. 

5. Apply Celebration Foundation Powder all over face and eyelids to make skin even (as needed).


Since we were on location in upstate, NY in the middle of winter, standing in snow that was knee deep and it was FREEZING cold for 6+ hours. Aside from the actors hands and feet freezing (wardrobe should always have hand and feet warmers but bring some with you just in case they don't or run out) there were a lot of; runny noses, red noses, concealer creasing, eye liner running and sweaty heads from overheating under hats. 

My main concern was to; 

1. make sure I had plenty of tissues to hand over to the actors to wipe noses. 

2. make sure I had their powder and concealer if I needed to touch up. obviously we didn't want them looking too perfect because the scenes they were in were outside, it had to look somewhat realistic. 

3. carry extra sponges with me to clean up under the eye area if concealer creased or makeup ran. 

4. Touch up any extraordinary amounts of shine with Pressed Blot Powder 


Genn Shaughnessy