#TuesdayTip - working with glitter

Glitter can be challenging to work with and to keep on. Read my blog article to troubleshoot glitter applications and how to avoid using damaging glitter that can cut skin and corneas.


There’s always a surge in glitter around the holidays. We see it everywhere in decorations, holiday cards, makeup and more.

Did you know that craft glitter can be dangerous when used cosmetically? That’s why it’s VERY important to NEVER PUT CRAFT GLITTER ON YOUR EYES.

For one, you have no idea what kind of material it’s made from, metal, plastic, lead, etc. And you’ve no idea if its cut rounded or square. If it’s square that means it’s edges are sharp and pointed. Then it will cut up your eyes and can be very painful depending on what it cuts.


It’s best to apply all your primers and shadows first, then the glitter app, then liquid liners and lashes.

Now, after you have selected your cosmetic grade glitter, there are a few different ways to apply it to the lid.

  1. Eye Kandy Liquid Sugar. It’s a watery solution you apply using it lightly dampened on the brush back and forth with glitter. It’s a pretty transparent application so the underlying shadows will affect it’s outcome.
  2. Elmer’s Glue. It’s non-toxic and thick so applies a very heavy layer of glitter that lasts for hours. AVOID APPLYING IT ON LASHES. It peels off easy with minimal pain. ;)
  3. Latex Eyelash glue. Same as #2. Obviously don’t put on anyone with a latex allergy or sensitivity. If you or they don’t know there’s an allergy or sensitivity don’t use.
  4. Cream color bases.They will work in a  pinch using a brush and pat method, but aren’t extremely reliable and tend to crease quite a bit.


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