#TuesdayTip - Mascara that stays put

Many clients come to me asking for mascara suggestions because they’ve “tried everything” and they can’t find one that stays put.  


When someone tells me they’ve tried everything, and their “mascara always runs” that tells me one thing; “USER ERROR”. first question I ask is, 

“Where are you applying eye and face creams? “ Because I’m willing to bet it’s right up to the lash line and on the lashes. Which it should never be put. First of all, it’s only approved use is under the eye area and around the brow bone, not up into the lash line. Always read directions of products you put onto your skin, especially the eye area. 

When you put eye cream on your lash line and lashes, it creates a coating that is not fully absorbed. So it prevents mascara and eyeliner from adhering to the skin properly. Then after a short period of time it slides right off onto the skin below and in the corners of the eyes.

So before you go crazy trying a million mascaras, make sure it’s not something as simple as that. 

Genn ShaughnessyComment