Super Sexy at 40; Beauty tips for the new age


Q&A With MUAH Genn Shaughnessy Hey Genn..I'm 42 and have noticed quite a change in my face lately and have really had to change my make-up application. Can you give any advice on creating the best looks, whether bold or subtle that can make 40+ make-up just as fun and beautiful as it was in the early years?? ... a little more fine lines and wrinkles. I notice that I don't feel as good about using my eyeliner the same. It seems harsher now using a liquid without softening it with shadow a bit.- Misty

One Word; J-Lo! She's in her 40's and never looked better, not to mention having twins, traveling the world, working non-stop. You can do it too! The question is, How bad do you want it? What are you capable of, what do you limit yourself to? Ok so you may not have the luxury of nanny's, personal trainers and an unlimited bank account.

Can you at least give yourself 15-20 minutes each morning just for makeup? Here are some great tips for 40+ makeup. Keep in mind there is your age, then there is your skins age. How's it looking? You mentioned in your question, that you're noticing fine lines and wrinkles. So I take it you no longer like the way glitter and frosted shadows look on your eyes. Any sort of sheen or metallic finish really does magnify fine lines and wrinkles. It's really best to avoid them and stick to the matte and cream finishes, basically anything that doesn't have a reflection to it or glitter.

1127As for liner, you could use a liquid, perhaps just thin the line a bit and switch from black to brown or plum. If you're having a problem with the liquid liner lasting or looking even, I would suggest using a soft waterproof pencil like Tarte's aqua gel eyeliner. Staying power of a liquid or gel, but a pencil. Ya dig?


As for turning back the hands of time... Your best line of defense is skincare, INVEST IN IT. I love love love love LOVE Caroline Chu's Anti Aging Skin Care line, all of it. I've been using it for about 2 months now and my skin looks the best it's ever looked in my life. It's an easy three step system; Eye Cream, Face Serum and Day & Night Cream. There's even a starter kit for those of you wanting to tread lightly in the co$t.

The look itself is really event specific and it's appropriateness depends on the social circle your in. Say for instance you work at an 9-5 office job and what's appropriate for you is a natural, office casual, to office dressy look. You probably want something to feel good about and not feel too made up like your trying to hard.

I would start with either a BB Cream or foundation and powder with a cream or powder blush lightly on the apples of the cheeks and maybe a little bronzer if you're feeling a little sun deprived for the complexion. As for the eyes, Again, stick to a pencil liner with matte or cream finishes for shadows. No more frost for you lady! Sorry ;) The focus can be all about the lashes and lips. So load up the mascara and gloss and you're good to go in 20 minutes.