Summertime Beauty Survival Essentials; ​HOW TO FIGHT THE HEAT AND LOOK FLAWLESS

From Jennifer Bradley; 

From Jennifer Bradley; 

Summer is that time of year when skin tends to suffer the most. The heat, the sun, and our attitude about makeup at this time can work against us.

 Never fear, Jennifer Bradley is here to tell you that YES you can and YES you should wear your Camera Ready Makeup today and every day, because it is sweat proof, swim proof, and it is the only makeup out there that you can wear to the beach, to the ball park, go swimming, and still have coverage when you get out of the water, or after you have been dripping with fabulosity. :) It also gives you better natural sun protection that chemical sunscreen. Protect your face! Wear makeup!!!!

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Here are your summertime beauty survival essentials:

1. 4 in One Camera Ready Foundation

The only Oil free, sweat proof, weightless makeup for people who just really can't stand the feel of makeup on your skin that will give you outstanding sun protection. 

2. Use a great bronzer. My Best Bronzer is the perfect non sparkly summertime fake it don't bake it color for everyone. 

3. Revitalize your skin at night with Oxygen Plasma Mask. I use this at night 2 times a week after I cleanse with 3 in One Fresh Cleanser. Put this soothing, pure hyaluronic skin plumping hydration gel all over your face and eye area in a thick layer, then go to bed. You will wake up refreshed, and have baby smooth skin. 

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Here's a quick pic of me after 5 hours in the June heat at a baseball game. I'm wearing Clearly Younger Skin w Retinol (Goddessy Creme), Camera Ready Foundation, Best Bronzer, Malted Mauve Lipliner, Pure Sable Shadow, Monster Mascara, and a good attitude. 

Thank you again, and enjoy your weekend! 

Much love, 

Jennifer Bradley

Genn Shaughnessy