So I have a blood clot


Just a little update... Jack and I both went back to the Dr yesterday because we've both been sick for a bit. I've had an ear infection since Halloween, then bronchitis, was on two rounds of anti-biotics and wasn't really feeling better. It turned out that a pain I was having in my arm, that I thought was a swollen lymph node, was actually a blood clot.

At first the NP thought it might be tendonitis, I'm not a cigarette smoker and I wasn't injured, but I have tendonitis in my other arm and new it wasn't the same pain. I also was a little freaked out bc our cat Murphy was being really strange around me,  pinning me down and laying on my chest and face for long periods of time, thought I was going to have a heart attack or something. After the NP asked about family history with blood clots, disorders and knew I had DIC previously she ordered an immediate Ultrasound.

Anyways, What I thought would be a 30 min follow up ended up being 3 Dr visits, a CT Scan to make sure it wasn't in my lungs and ended up taking almost 6 hours. I'm ok now, just really tired and sore. Thankfully it's not in my lungs, just in my arm. I'm on blood thinners and will follow up with a Hematologist Tuesday to make sure I don't have any underlying blood disorders.

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a blood clot! #bloodclot #bloodclotawareness #bloodclotsurvivor

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