Skin Reboot; How to Restart/Refresh Skin Overnight

How to Reboot your Skin. It's time to do a Refresh. Overnight. Something fast, because no one needs to know you have had this much fun this summer (it's written all over your face) 

I did this just last night, and I feel much more like the highly photoshopped photo below and a lot less like the Crypt Keeper. 


Step one. Cleanse with 3 in One Fresh Cleanser. No matter what. No matter how tired you are. Just do it. It takes off all of your eye makeup, face makeup, and refines your pores. And it feels so good. 

Step two. Slather on a thick layer of Oxygen Plasma Mask, all over eyes, and around face. Go to bed at a semi decent hour. Ignore the alarm for an extra 30 minutes or so. 

THAT'S IT! It's so easy! My skin looks like plump baby skin, when yesterday, it was kind of just dull, and, well, telling the story of how I am not so young anymore. How I  will be a senior soon. That I have a teenage son. And a four year old. And Summertime can be brutal. That story is gone. My face says, "I just wake up like THIS."

People often see my skin and say, "But you naturally have beautiful skin. How old are you? You cannot be more than 29." 

Ha! I created all of my products to fix my truly sensitive, problematic, acne prone skin, and so I could look younger than my ex husband's way younger than me girlfriends. (joking. but not really)

Let's reboot together. This weekend if you spend $100.00 or more on any of your favorite Jennifer Bradley products, get a $32.00 Fresh Cleanser as a GIFT from me to you. ONLINE ONLY SPECIAL. 

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I hope that you are all are having a great summer. Below is a pic of my teenage son and I after 7 hours in the summer heat. He hit a home run in baseball. I'm proud of him, and also thankful that my  4 in One Camera Ready Foundation made me look as though I wasn't melting. 

Spend $100.00 and get Fresh Cleanser Gift $32.00 value automatically with this coupon code: Fresh. 

Happy Reboot!