How to Shape Your Eyebrows


Shape up or ship out! Shape your eyebrows, take back time and up to 15 years off your face. Eyebrows hold a huge power of focus, strength (or weakness) and femininity. Eyebrows frame the windows to your soul, and can provide an amazing amount of detail you had no idea was there.

So lets start with a mirror and good lighting. Bring everything into focus.


Look into your eyes. Look above your eyes. Look back into your eyes.


What's distracting your view? Do you have stray hairs, grey hairs, is there a shape. Can you see any shape at all? Do you have hair?

All these things can be adjusted so don't worry if any or all of the above are bothering you.

shape your eyebrows
shape your eyebrows

Take Charge, Take back time

eyebrow-tips drawing
eyebrow-tips drawing

1. Note the side of your nostril. This is going to be the main guide for your starting points for your brow shape.

Draw a line straight up the outside of your tear duct, the inner corner of your eye.

2. Note where you are arch curves, line up #1. with that.

3. Line up #1. with the outer corner of your eye, this is about where the Brow "tail" should end.

4. Line up the inner starting point of your Brow with the temples on the side of your head toward the top of your ears. This is also about where the "tail" should end.

I don't recommend plucking or waxing yourself unless your a pro. You frequent tweezers scare me so I'm not even going to tell you how to remove it, because I don't trust most of you, yet. Let's focus first on achieving the right shape before we go removing anything.

I also want you to get used to doing your brows. There's no sense taking any of these extra hairs away, if you won't commit to the upkeep. So put those in the back of your mind for now.

Choosing your shade

Pick a matte finish powder eyeshadow or brow powder, that's a little lighter then your hair color for a natural brow, the same or darker for a more dramatic brow.

DIY Shaping Your Eyebrows; What to use and how to use it. 

Products needed; Eyebrow wax, Eyebrow powder, angled liner brush, brow brush or extra liner brush and highlighter pencil


FIRST THINGS FIRST; Take your BEFORE picture. 

After eye makeup,  foundation and complexion products have been applied, begin by outlining your eyebrows with a highlighter pencil, like this Anastasia one shown to the left.

They are usually large crayon looking pencils in a light pink, peach, or champagne color. Choose one that is a few shades lighter then your skin color, compare it to your foundation color.

Draw a line completely surrounding the shape of your brow. Then blend with either your clean fingers or a concealer brush outward surrounding your eyebrows.

I personally use the Jennifer Bradley Shape and Stay Brow Kit shown to the right. It includes the wax and powder in one which is convenient and super easy to travel with.


Take a brow brush, disposable wand or angled brush (not the same your going to apply your powder with) and smooth the eyebrow wax over your brows, lightly a little goes a long way. If you have scars where hair doesn't grow, apply extra wax there. 

Using an angled liner / brow brush, apply small amounts of powder lightly in the hairs, using that guide we just talked about above. Start by outlining the top of your brow, the bottom of your brow, and then begin to shape the arch, the tail and the curve under the arch. Next fill in, dip in as many times if you have to just go easy. You can always add more. Obviously, do the same thing to both eyebrows.

Highlighters can be omitted to save the step, as can wax if you don't have a problem with powder lasting.

Take a step back and look. How do you see yourself now? What's changed?

Now, Take your AFTER picture. 

You'll be so surprised once you get used to doing it, how easy it becomes and how very little work extra this is, for a huge benefit.

Please let me know if you have any questions.



Genn Shaughnessy is a MakeUp Artist and Educator based in Albany, NY. She can be reached for comment via email MUAH@