Effective low cost wrinkle remedies

Q. From Jennifer M "what is good, low cost, for wrinkles near/around the eyes, (crows feet)" A. Jennifer, this is another question that's asked frequently and it's a trick question, or I should say a trick answer. "low cost" means you spend less on one item, but it doesn't work, so you switch often and end up spending many times more over a longer period of time. Thus, leaving you frustrated and not taking pride in the damage you've been unable to undo, resulting in not protecting your investment and the problem getting worse. Following me so far?

If you invest in a good cream and serum that does it's job, you'll not only get it right the first time, you'll feel so much better about and make better decisions to protect it and prevent further damage.

One way to save on doing this is by purchasing a product that is not only  good for the eyes, but the face as well so you don't have to have a separate eye and face cream and serum. My personal favourite regimen, and one I use every day morning and night is by Jennifer Bradley Cosmetics. Time Freeze Serum with Matrixynol 3000 followed up with the Luminosity Cream. All of her skincare is medical grade and made for extremely sensitive skin so anyone (including my fair Irish allergic to everything skin) can use it.

The serum is applied first to the skin, it is a smaller molecule so penetrates deeper then the first layer of skin. The moisturiser is applied after. It acts like a vehicle to transport it deeper and work harder.

Time Freeze Serum has peptides to reduce wrinkle depth, and a powerful collagen booster in a hyaluronic acid. It reduces wrinkles up to 60% and completely turns skin around in just 28 days of use. It also "contains a tripeptide that mimics that action of snake venom. Skin instantly feels tighter and will have injection-like results to combat deep wrinkles and frown lines. Instant, and long lasting results."

Luminosity Cream "is a line filler, line relaxer, and patented collagen boosting moisturizing creme" that "instantly smooths out the skin at the cellular level with the powerful hydration power of hyaluronic acid. Contains a super peptide concentration to relax lines, and act as a 'filler.'". Translation, the lines and crows feet you're talking about will be something you forget because they will virtually disappear.

ALL skincare treatments are CUMULATIVE like a progressive medication. It may help at first, like by providing hydration and showing a taste of the results that are possible. But only after a minimum of 28 days will the product work up to it's full potential when you're talking in terms of anti-aging, acne clearing, etc.

This is my skincare regimen prior to every makeup application and every night after I wash my face. I finish up every makeup application with her Photofinish Powder. It's main ingredient is Silica which is line filling, skin smoothing MAGIC.

I'm almost 40 and have been told I look 25 sooooo I'm positive it's because I take good care of my skin.

There are also a few things you can do to prevent future skin damage. Always hydrate, limit sun exposure; use sunscreen and wear sunglasses. Don't pull on your eyes, treat them gently when you're touching that  skin under them. It's the thinnest skin on our body. And don't fall asleep with your makeup on.

Copyright 2015 Genn Shaughnessy