What is the best airbrush foundation?

Q. From Fellow MakeUp Artist Erin Ford (Please check out her awesome work!) " I would like to know if you have a favorite airbrush foundation? I've been thinking about buying the Graftobian Glamaire"A. Erin, I have a love hate relationship with Airbrush foundation. I go back and forth in phases much like my love for purple shampoo and sea salt scrubs.  I used it a lot for years, then stopped, then started, and stopped. I'm currently in an off period. I love using it, but hate the cleanup and if the cleanup takes longer then the actual use of the machine, I just don't use it that much anymore. Anyways, Here's what I have found;

At the time I bought my first Airbrush Compressor,  I couldn't really afford one. So I bought the Baby Elephant looking one for like $50 on the entire compressor and gun kit. Then I spent more on the foundation and went with MAC's airbrush foundation. It was great machine to learn on but the machine didn't last very long and ended up dying on me during a wedding. It was a complete nightmare. That was the type of wedding that made me want to Retire from MUA. It was beyond awful. Anything that could possibly go wrong, did. The last 2 clients were the BRIDE and the MOB and to say they were unhappy was an understatement. I left in tears then took a 2 year hiatus off doing weddings and haven't booked them much since to be honest.

Lesson learned, DON'T SKIMP ON EQUIPMENT. DUH, I knew that. I totally knew that.

Anyhow, I have tried a few different brands but nothing worth mentioning for the kind of work you do as a makeup artist.

The next (and current machine) I bought is the Temptu Precision Pro Kit. With the gun and compressor came a lot of really great products including a sample kit of the Temptu foundations, blushes & highlighters, primer and airbrush cleaner. A steal at under $500.

For some reason I had a hard time getting the formula right and was constantly adding a mixing liquid to thin it out so it would feed through the gun. Thus diluting the foundation and not covering skin properly.


Then I switched back to the MAC airbrush foundation that I was using in the first machine. The coverage is great, the color system is better, there was no need to mix and it also came in a wide variety of colors to do more artistic body painting and other types of makeup. It also can be diluted for a more sheer coverage.


So to answer your question, I have never used the Graftobain. I love all the products of theirs that I have used, just haven't had the chance to use their airbrush foundation. If I come in contact with anyone who's used it, I'll update you on what they have to say.

I highly recommend the MAC airbrush foundation so that's what I would suggest.