Pot for her pleasure?


The Generic Name for the New FDA-approved 

Female Sexual Desire Aid Flibanserin 

Coalitions, lobbyists, women’s health leaders, pharmaceutical companies and medical professionals gathered on the East coast this past week to witness a pivotal moment for women’s sexual equality; the FDA approved one little pink pill called Flibanserin. 

There is, however, an all-natural product changing #HERstory 
across California and Colorado. What is it?
It’s cannabis, of course, and it's called Foria.

#HERstory is part of an experiential marketing campaign started by Even the Score,  an organization advocating for the FDA to allocate research and approve a drug for enhancing diminished libido in women.

Foria, a company producing a cannabis-infused sensual enhancement oil, reminds us of marijuana’s wide spectrum of sexual health benefits reported by women over the last year. These reports range from increased pleasure, diminished pain, easier access to orgasm, and elongated orgasms. Foria welcomes Flibanserin to the existing table of limited options for boosting women’s sexual desire. ), in an interview with Huffington Post Live this week. The drug in question sparks an efficiency debate among medical professionals while inundating the media with stabs at the FDA, calling the government organization ‘sexist’ and has the medical community questioning whether HSDD is even a real medical issue. The questions Pearson raises focus on the lack of data, the effectiveness vs. the safety risk for women, and how trial study margins are not large enough for the FDA to draw a definitive conclusion. Foria, a female-centric company dedicated to benefiting women’s sexual health in the most natural of ways, encourages continued research around the subject of low libido, female desire and potential treatments. Foria wants women to know a medicinal alternative does exist for women of all ages seeking easer access to orgasm and enhanced sexual sensation.Hypo Sexual Desire Disorder - Executive Director, Cindy Pearson of the National Women's Health Network, raised important questions around the new FDA-approval of Flibanserin, a pharmaceutical drug benefiting HSDD (LOS ANGELES, CA

The all-natural product that is changing women’s sex lives across California and Colorado is Foria, a cannabis-infused ‘pre’ lubricant applied before intimate activity to relax the vaginal muscles and increase tissue sensation creating a kind of localized high and steering away from any psychoactive head high. In other words, women who aren’t crazy for cannabis can use this product comfortably without getting ‘high.’

Foria Commercial 

As we begin to see marijuana laws shift, more people are integrating the use of cannabis into their lives and into their routine of health care options. Foria is positioned between two powerful movements happening now in the United States; Marijuana legalization and female sexual equality. 

“Women deserve to feel comfortable and excited for sex. With Foria, we stimulated an international conversation around female sexual health, and we are excited to take the lead in furthering research on how cannabis is providing a broad spectrum of benefits for overall sexual wellness. Foria was designed for women to help inspire relaxation and allow them to have a fully embodied experience with their sexuality at any stage of life,” said Wellness Director, Mathew Gerson.

Foria provides an all-natural option for women of all ages whether they are experiencing sexual challenges or if their sex life is perfectly healthy.

Shareable Experiences - 

"Having an orgasm was not always something that came with having sex for me, it was hit or miss. And after having 2 children it became even harder to achieve one. I was a little skeptical at first, but I was willing to try Foria.

I have never ever had an orgasm like this before Foria. It was amazing!

We have been using Foria for a couple of months now, and it just keeps getting better and better. Thank you.”  - Foria Patient: Jenna, age 46

Coming Soon – Market demand has spurred Foria to enter as many new markets as possible, making product readily available to more women by end of Summer 2015. Research and development is also underway for additional complimentary products.

KEY TAKEAWAY: Opening the conversation up to multiple options, multiple players and not just one company backing one drug, will be at the epicenter of success for women. Women deserve pleasure. Women deserve options, both pharmaceutical and alternative. 

Foria is an all-natural sensual enhancement oil designed for female pleasure. The formula is a unique blend of liquid coconut oil and cannabis, one of humanity’s oldest known aphrodisiacs.
Foria is currently available in California and Colorado.