Light Health Research, LLC Officially Launches DREAMSPA™ The First Systemic Light-Therapy System


Phototherapy has been proven to create energy, stimulate cellular repair, improve sleep, counteract stress and rejuvenate the body


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DreamSpa by Light Health Research

international researchers in the burgeoning field of Biophotonics agree that light is a nutrient that is vital to human wellbeing and rejuvenation.  DreamSpa™, the first systemic phototherapy device to hit the market, is now being launched in the U.S. and Canada by Light Health Research in Deerfield, IL.


NASA is implementing the same technology on the International Space Station at a cost of $11.2 million as a solution to astronaut insomnia.  The agency hopes that this will serve as a counter-measure to the inevitable disruption of the body's circadian rhythms while in space.


DreamSpa uses Biophotonics to stimulate energy production, and cellular repair and regeneration thus recharging the body and rebooting the brain. It makes daily energy renewal as easy as taking a shower or brushing your teeth. It is a comprehensive and natural remedy to the deleterious effects of aging and stress including:

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-Low energy -Fatigue -Poor sleep -Stress -Moodiness -Brain fog -Aches & Pains -Fine lines -Wrinkles -Hair loss

The technological advances used to create DreamSpa are based on more than 30 years of study by NASA, NIH, top universities and research centers around the world in the fields of Biophotonics, Bioenergetics, Tissue Optics, Cellular Communication, Phototherapy, Stress Management and Anti-Aging.


German physicist Fritz-Albert Popp has been working on experiments that are revolutionizing medicine. His research shows that at the most subtle level, it is light (energy) that determines the state of health of the human body.


How DreamSpa Works: This professional-grade system offers five proprietary LED light programs that profoundly increase energy, decrease stress and reverse aging.  The photons or particles of light produced by DreamSpa are absorbed through the skin and acupuncture points and are then conducted throughout the body by the connective tissue.  The DreamSpa System delivers bio-active light that transforms into life-force energy on a cellular level, promoting and stimulating the following:


-Energy (ATP) production (ATP = Adenosine Triphosphate, a nucleotide found in the mitochondria of all animal and plant cells that is the major source of energy for cellular reactions) -Increased blood flow -Enhanced oxygen and nutrient delivery -Cellular repair and regeneration -Collagen production

TDreamSpa woman using over headhis is the science behind the DreamSpa system, a safe, non-invasive and natural form of improved health and anti-aging. LED phototherapy is considered safe for home use by the FDA.  Unlike laser treatments that generate heat and are restricted to use by licensed professional technicians, LED treatments are painless, non-invasive and safe for all ages and skin types.


Click on the following link for a video testimonial from DreamSpa client Dr. Cari Jacobson, achiropractic physician who incorporates DreamSpa into the treatment protocol for her patients, who have experienced greater energy, sleep improvement and hair re-growth:


More testimonials from DreamSpa customers:

"I Love the DreamSpa. For almost a year, I had been seeing my German acupuncturist who always said to me, "I am your energy accountant, and your account is overdrawn, sir."  I never had a reserve of energy.  After using the DreamSpa for several weeks, I went back to see her again and she said, 'What did you do? What changed? You actually have an energy reserve for the first time.' That was pretty exciting. Thank you DreamSpa!" -Scott Forsgren, Santa Clara, CA


"My experience has been a slow and steady regeneration of my whole body: my hair is thick and healthy, my nails look amazing, and my skin is moist. All signs of good health.  Each person I've shared the DreamSpa with has had a unique experience, from a good night's sleep for the first time in years to being completely and instantly energized." -Marie Olofsdotter, Minneapolis, MN


"I just ordered a second DreamSpa for a dear friend who has suffered from severe insomnia for seven years. After six days of using my DreamSpa, she called and said she got 9 hours of sleep for the first time that she could remember. She was ecstatic. I am sending her a DreamSpa of her own." - John Hittler, San Jose, CA


"As a chiropractor, I treat people with aches and pains every day.  I am thrilled to have the DreamSpa because every single patient who I've had use it has benefited whether for relaxation or pain." -Dr. Linda Blackmore, Danville, VA


DreamSpa sells for $1,799 (plus shipping). The company provides a 60-day guarantee and one-year warranty.  The Custom Carrying Case is $169.


For more information, additional customer testimonial videos or to purchase the DreamSpa,  please visit



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