My first real freelance gig


Everything about it was amazing. I went to work at a makeup counter to cover someone's shift who was too hungover to come in. It was a crazy day, busy, I was alone tending to 4-5 clients at a steady stream, all day long. At one point I was trying to remember if I had actually taken a bathroom or lunch break while I daydreamed away from the 4 women I had perusing our counter when I glanced up at the hipstere-sque Dame approaching the counter. She was pretty rad in her pig tails, denim jacket and black rimmed glasses, mind you this was 2005 so she's a Hipster from way back. I smiled and said I would be with her as soon as possible and to let me know if she needed anything sooner.

After a few minutes I wrapped up the other sales and asked her what she needed help with. She stated she was there to ask if there was a freelancer available to do makeup for their concert as their Key MUA had a family emergency and had to go home.

Not knowing, or caring for that matter what it was for, I jumped at the opportunity and was told to give her mobile phone a call around 6pm when I was done. After years of working shoots for free, this was finally a paid opportunity and I was beyond excited.

Promptly at 6pm, I called her number as I got in my car to head to location unknown. When she asked if I knew where the Times Union Center (then the Pepsi Arena) was, I was panicked for a minute that I may be in over my head, still not knowing what the gig was.

I arrived in the back of the concert venue  by the tour buses and crew entrance, completely in awe and scared out of my pants. Was brought into the Talent changing rooms where I was told I would be doing makeup for 4 of the top 10 Finalists for Season 4 of American Idols. I was then to do makeup for the American Idols live on tour, and got to do makeup for none-other then Carrie Underwood.

What was she like you ask?

Quiet, sweet, calm, cool and collected. I didn't watch the show at the time and I didn't really know much about it other then she won the contest and was sweet as can be. That's was got me into country music actually. :)