Jennifer Bradley MakeUp Application Tutorial

By Genn Shaughnessy 1. SKINCAREthumbnail.asp

Every successful makeup application begins with SKIN. Ensure skin is clean, treated and hydrated. Apply thin layer of serum, then moisturiser on face and eye area using fingers or a synthetic brush.

PRODUCTS; Jennifer Bradley Cleanser, Time Freeze Serum, Luminosity (ultimate line relaxing) and/or Clearly Younger Skin with Retinol (anti aging). Clear up gel may also be added prior to Time Freeze Serum for breakouts. Soothing Gel may be used for sensitive skin, redness and inflammation caused by conditions like Rosacea and Lupus.


2. Perfect Complexion

Apply the foundation in small amounts, remember a little goes a long way. For all you heavy handers, you need about 1/4 of what you think you need. Spread in circular motions to buff in around the entire face, use the concealer brush for smaller areas like the eyelids, under m, the eyes and around the nose.

As we learned in our lesson, for a basic contour; apply the contour under the cheekbone and jawline. Use the corner of your mouth to the top of your ear as a guide, starting under the outer corner of your eye, and draw the line back to the top of your ear, this is under your cheekbone. Next take the Best Bronzer with a Blush Brush and apply on tops of cheekbones, blending in with contour cream. Set everything with the Flawless Photofinish Powder.

PRODUCTS; 4in1 Camera Ready Foundation using a Flat Top Foundation Brush, Contour Cream using a concealer brush, Best Bronzer with Blush Brush, Flawless Photofinish Powder with a Large or Medium Powder Brush,


Here is some Advanced contouring tips. Use this image as your guide.


Instead of applying foundation all over the face, then contour under the cheekbones, you can apply them both then blend in. See in the picture, the contour cream, has been applied around the halo of the face, the temples, under the cheek bones, under the jaw and even around the nose and front sides of the jaw. While this may be intimidating for some of you, I know there are a few of you who are going to be pumped about this. so, start off easy, apply less foundation then you would normally, and more contour then you would, still in very thin layers though.

2. All about eyes

Prime the eyelid using a very thin layer of the 4in1 foundation with a concealer brush. Decide which eyeshadows you want to use, 1 for the lid with an eyeshadow brush, 1 for the brow highlight with a fluffy blending brush, 1 for the crease with a  tapered crease or angled shadow brush. Relate the brushes to the size of your eyes and shape. If you have a small lid, use a smaller brush, larger lids use larger brushes and so on.

For Some Eye Tutorials Click HERE

3. Beautiful Brows

For this you are going to need the Shape and Stay Brow Kit; powder and wax with an angled liner or brow brush.

Smooth down the eyebrow hair with a small amount of wax. Use the angled brush to apply the powder. I personally prefer to do the outline of the brow and then fill in. By this I mean, draw the line above the top of your natural brow shape, then under the brow, connect the tail at the top, draw downward to create the tail, then start to fill in everywhere else. Once complete you can then use your concealer brush to clean up the edges. filling-in-sparse-eyebrows-using-the-brow-kit-and-eye-base


4. Lucious Lips

Last but not least, those lips are probably super dry this time of year. Jennifer Bradley lipstick is super creamy with a soft, natural finish. Simplicity, Nude and Tender Toffee are my top three faves.

First, line the outline of the natural lip border with one of our Best Lip Liner Pencil's paired to your lipstick. No, it does not have to match, be identical to or even in the same color family. If just depends what kind of finish you want and how you want it to, or not to, change the lipstick color. After outlining the lip you can spread the rest inward toward the centre of the mouth to cover the entire lip. This will help it last a tad longer.

No, lipstick does not last all day, be prepared to reapply every few hours, after eating or drinking and just before any photo or public appearance. Feel free to throw on a little top coat of our plumping lipgloss for extra shine or pout.


Take a step back and critique your work! How did you do? Are you even? Smooth, does it look like natural? What kind of trouble shooting questions do you have for me?