How to Clean MakeUp Brushes

MakeUp Brushes are comprised of three parts. The handle, the ferrel and the brush head. The brush head is machine inserted into the ferrel, and the ferrel is attached to the handle. 

All three pieces are held together by glue so it's imperative you do not allow the parts of the brush where they connect to get wet. Water will break down the glue and cause these connecting points to weaken and fall apart. 

How to quick clean makeup brushes


  • Brush cleaning spray 
  • paper towel

Brushes MUST be cleaned after every client with an anti-bacterial brush cleanser. Spray cleaners are ideal as they are easy to use, transport and because they are alcohol based dry fairly quickly.

Simply hold the brush against a paper towel, spray lightly and wipe back and forth until clean. 

Lay brush flat on counter or table to dry.

How to deep clean makeup brushes


  • Running water and sink
  • Brush cleanser or shampoo
  • Towel TIME 

Scrub your brushes with a gentle shampoo or face wash at the end of every work day to maximize brush longevity.

Grab your brushes and get near your sink. Turn on the faucet with warm water. Place a small amount of shampoo in your hand, take a few brushes at a time and wash the brush heads by rubbing them against your hand under the running water. 

Be careful not to get the metal near the handle wet and try not to soak the brush head where it is inserted into the metal. 

ALWAYS lay flat to dry over the edge of a counter.

Do not stand brush upright or face down while drying as Water will leak down the ferrul and disrupt the glue holding the brush head. 

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