Gluten Free Cosmetics

Gluten Free Cosmetics

Whether you have a gluten sensitivity, allergy or have Celiac's Disease, this is a guide on which cosmetic brands to avoid for fear of ingredients being wheat based or there being a threat of cross-contamination. These Brands are listed based on what their company website provides information for.

Companies are either listed as Gluten Free, meaning they do not include ingredients that contain gluten in their products, NO Cross Contamination means no ingredients brought in contain gluten, and Cross Contamination Possible means they can not ensure that there is no contamination brought in from ingredients manufactured elsewhere. This usually translates to parts per million. 


100% PUre; Gluten Free

AFTERGLOW; Gluten Free, No Cross Contamination Concerns

BARE MINERALS BE; NOT Gluten Free, Cross Contamination Possible

COVER GIRL; Gluten Free, Cross Contamination Possible

ECCO BELLA; Gluten Free, NO Cross Contamination Concerns

ELF; Gluten Free, Cross Contamination Possible

EM Michelle Phan; NOT Gluten Free

IT COSMETICS; Gluten Free (except Hello Lashes and Tightline Mascara), Cross Contamination Possible



LANCOME; NOT Gluten Free

L'OREAL; NOT Gluten Free 

LOREM Cosmetics; Gluten Free

MAKEUP FOREVER; "The following MAKE UP FOR EVER products may contain gluten, or trace elements of gluten: Plasto Wax, Matte Lip, Mat Velvet+, Lift Concealer, Moisturizing Lip Balm and Duo Mat. To the best of our knowledge, the rest of our products are gluten-free based on the information provided by our raw materials suppliers." 

Manuka Lab; Gluten Free

MAYBELLINE; Information Not Listed

MIRABELLA; Gluten Free (except Skin Tint Creme), No Cross Contamination Concerns

NARS; Gluten Free, NO Cross Contamination Concerns

NIVEA; Gluten Free, (except Eucerin Skim Calming and Excema Skin Creams), Cross Contamination Possible. 

Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics; information not listed

Red Apple Lipsticks; Gluten Free

SMASHBOX; Information not listed


Please check your ingredients list thoroughly on every product, often times manufacturers change formulas. Below are some ingredients to look for. 


Averna Sativa (Oat Bran) 

Hordeum Vulgare (Barley)

Secale Cereale (Rye Seed Extract) 

Triticum Villgare (Wheat Bran)