Planning Prom Beauty and Fashion on a Budget


As a MUAH (MakeUp And Hair) stylist I know getting your hair and makeup done for an event can be expensive. If you're on a budget, plan a makeup and hair house party. Get a stylist that comes to you, And one that offers discounted rates for groups. If you're really on a shoestring budget, look into beauty schools that have a student salon and offer makeup and hair services. If you can't afford any services, look online for makeup tutorials, get your friends together and help each other out. You can even reach out to artists like me on Facebook and ask questions on how to do things and what products you should use.

For saving money on dresses and accessories;  Look into consignment shops like Fifi's or La Moda Lisa or online places like Poshmark for your gowns and shoes. Most were worn once and in great condition. You can get a designer dress or gown that you'd never be able to afford for a fraction of the cost.

Poshmark you can even trade people for things in your closet and all you pay is shipping. Or you can trade things with friends who wore stuff to other dances, even ones who don't go to your school if you're worried about someone knowing its theirs.

Protect yourself from scammers though and always go through Poshmark for every transaction. Never go through your personal email or Paypal, anyone who asks you to do so should be a red flag.

Knowing your size is a little challenging when ordering online. Go to a dress store, try some on in similar styles and different sizes, make sure you like the general style your looking at. Get out a measuring tape, measure under your breasts, around your chest, waist and hips if its tight down there. Ask for measurements and make sure to add an inch or so to make sure it will fit.

*Gown Photo credit: Courtesy of Fifi's Frocks and Frills. This is an example of some dresses they carry.

Genn's affinity to produce various types of make-up for print, video and stage work demonstrates her amazing eye for detail and her unique ability to think outside the lines of conventional thinking. Her vast knowledge of cosmetics & beauty tools leaves her equipped for not only TV, Film and Print work, but also writing and producing beauty segments.

Genn has numerous national credits to her name that include FOX, People Magazine, Teen People Magazine American Idols Live and Trading Spaces. Genn has also had the privilege of having trained under national and international professional make-up artists and photographers and can boast special celebrity clients such as Carrie Underwood, David Cassidy, NY Giants Brandon Jacobs, Jessica Lynn Gahring of NY INK, Leslie Segrete and Laurie Smith from Trading Spaces, Constantine Maroulis from American Idol, the entire US Olympic Hockey team and former New York State Governor Elliot Spitzer.


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