Fixing Curly lashes WITHOUT chemicals


Most of us associate "curly lashes" as something to be desired. Constantly curling lashes with heated and crimping curling tools, and even chemically altering them with perms to stay curled. images-2What about those of you who hate how curly your lashes are? Did you know there is a quick and easy fix that you can do right in your bathroom, or rearview mirror in your car?

By using a heated eyelash curler as an iron, you can use it against already curly lashes by heating it up, and pushing it straight down on the tops of your lashes as if you're applying mascara. And the same for underneath your bottom lashes, simply go under neath them, grabbing the lashes and pulling outward.

It will take a few times to get the method down that works for you. It will depend on your length, amount of curl and desired straightness. The longer and curlier the lashes, the longer you will need to do it and the straighter (90 degrees) angle you will need to use.



My favorite one is by Japonesque and is only $16.00