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Genn Shaughnessy

MUAH MakeUp And Hair , 1811 Western Ave , Albany, NY 12203

Genn Shaughnessy is a Commercial MakeUp Artist, Licensed Hair Stylist and Beauty Expert in Albany, NY who provides camera ready makeup and hair styling services for HD, TV, Photo and Film. 

Genn’s ability to produce various types of MakeUp Artistry and Hair Styling for HDTV, Photo and mixed media demonstrates her amazing eye for detail and her ability to think outside the lines of conventional thinking. Genn's vast knowledge of cosmetics & beauty tools shines in writing and producing beauty segments, blog posts and educational tutorials.

Genn Shaughnessy has numerous film, print and web  credits to her name that include FOX, People Magazine, Teen People Magazine American Idols Live and Trading Spaces. She combines tremendous talent and make-up savvy with a plethora of experience and the ability to deliver uncompromising quality of work to every professional work setting.

Genn has trained under various accredited Directors and Department Heads and can boast working with celebrity clients such as; Ron Perlman, Judy Greer, Michael Shannon, Thomas Lennon, Christina Hendricks, Michael Torpey, Carrie Underwood, Alessandro Nivola, Alicia "Lecy" Goranson, Julianne Nicholson, David Cassidy, NY Giants Brandon Jacobs, and even former New York State Governor Elliot Spitzer.

Genn is also available for public speaking engagements, corporate training & seminars and private or industry staff makeup lessons.