Brow Guru and Founder of Billion Dollar Brows Natalie Plain Shares Brow


Brow Guru and Founder of Billion Dollar Brows Natalie Plain Shares Brow Tips For Every Age To shape or not to shape—that is the question! Many frantically search for miracle creams to prevent and diminish signs of aging. But why not pay mind to the one feature that frames your face? Over-tweezed, scarce eyebrows can make you appear older than you actually are. So drop your tweezers and listen up ladies! With these brow-raising tips from Brow Guru and Founder of Billion Dollar Brows Natalie Plain, you will be surprised by how easily you can remedy your eyebrow woes and appear more youthful.

Protecting Your Brows in Your 20s

Trends are great, but they shouldn’t be taken too literally. Use brow trends as inspiration. Women in their 20s, or shall I say the careless years, tend to overlook the impact of certain beauty trends of the season. For instance, straight and short eyebrows may be on-trend, but are they really the right look for you? And will your eyebrows grow back? Don’t take the chance. Be inspired, but achieve the right shape for you. You won’t damage your brows in the process. If you want to achieve a trend—draw it in! Grab your favorite concealer to cover any areas needed and try Billion Dollar Brows Universal Brow Pencil to fill in and “reshape” your brows. The pencil’s versatile color works with almost all hair colors and skin tones.

Maintaining Your Brows in Your 30s

If you've never given much thought to your arches beyond the occasional tweezing now is probably a good time to start. In your 30s, you should maintain and bring back your shape. If you over-tweezed in your younger years, now is the time to seek professional help. With guidance and an expert at hand, you can work to grow in missing patches and rejuvenate your brows. Want to take the reigns? Let your brows grow in first. Try Billion Dollar Brows Brow Gel to lock in your look, giving your eyebrows a long-lasting, radiant glow while keeping them perfectly in place. Then tweeze stray hairs below and above your brows—staying away from your brow shape.

Achieving Youthful Brows in Your 40s+

“Like your skin and hair, your brows can start to show their age,” says Natalie. “They can thin out, become coarse and unruly, or turn gray. And just as a new hairstyle can trim away the years, a well-groomed, well-defined brow can lend your face a years-younger look.” With Billion Dollar Brow’s Brow Boost you can strengthen and condition thin, over-tweezed brows. Once brows have grown in enough that your arch seems to have disappeared, you can use the Billion Dollar Brow Buddy to shape them according to your face symmetry. The perfect arch will prevent your eyes from appearing old and droopy.

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Genn has trained under various accredited Directors and Department Heads and can boast working with celebrity clients such as; Ron Perlman, Judy Greer, Michael Shannon, Thomas Lennon, Christina Hendricks, Michael Torpey, Carrie Underwood, Alessandro Nivola, Alicia "Lecy" Goranson, Julianne Nicholson, David Cassidy, NY Giants Brandon Jacobs, and even former New York State Governor Elliot Spitzer.

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