Born to be alive


Two years ago today I got a new lease on life....

2/17/2014 I had to go to Albany Med for a "routine" procedure as I had a miscarriage at 20 weeks and had to have a D&E. Little did I know I would come much to closer to dying then I ever thought I would.

I've been told I'm a "rare bird" on many instances and if something is weird or unusual or never happens, it will happen to me in all aspect of my life. Just call me Genn with a G as in, G is for Glitch...

After this procedure I developed DIC and nearly bled to death. In Dr. Clark's 30 something years of being an ObGyn and specializing in this procedure, he had only seen it one other time.

Anyways. I'd just like to take the time out to say that never once since then have I taken life for granted. At first it was all I could do just to get out of bed and have motivation to do daily chores. Now, for the first time ever in my life Im excited to wake up and tackle the day and I actually get up when the alarm goes off without snoozing for an hour. I'm not as cranky in the morning (AS).

Everything smells better, tastes sweeter and looks brighter. I'm so unbelievably thankful for getting a second chance at life and getting things right.

Sending love up to our little angel in heaven and taking comfort knowing we've got a few friends and family members enjoying their company.


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