Best credit card processing app

As a small business owner who runs a  makeup studio and performs services on site, it's a necessity I have a Mobil credit card processing app, and register program. It's a bonus that ones doubles as an invoicing tool as well. 

Whats even more important is that it's not expensive and doesn't charge a ridiculous amount of fees. 

Whats a huge bonus is that one can also be accessed online from any computer or mobile device and also allows your register to double as your online store. 

Square is all of that. You don't need a merchant account. There are no monthly fees. All you need is an online connection and either their app or an Internet browser to access their website. 

It only charges 2.75% per transaction when using their free swiper, or 3% when you punch in the cc info. 

Please visit their website for more info. Process $1,000 without fees when you activate a Square account with my link.