MakeUp Tutorial; How to do a Basic Eye MakeUp Application



  • Doing eyes first will prevent unnecessary concealer application twice.
  • Using a nylon bristle brush. Size should be determined by the clients eyelid space.
  • PREP eyelid with an eyeshadow base. Avoid using concealer or foundation as it will crease in a matter of hours.

Eyeshadow Application

  • Using an eyeshadow brush, apply color to the lid.
  • Using a crease brush, apply your contouring color to the outer crease area.
  • Using a tapered blending brush apply a lighter color to the brow bone.
  • You could also apply the lid color, then brow highlight, then crease to avoid “smoking” the highlight and turning it grey.

Eyeliner &  Mascara Application

  • Eyeliner can be applied in a number of different and/or combined ways
  • Pencil, Shadow, liquid and/or crème
  • When using a shadow as a liner you will find a precise application can be achieved with an angled eyeliner brush.
  • A softer look can be achieved by smudging your line with a smudger or pencil brush.
  • When using liquid or crème it’s best to do it when you have time to focus and are not loaded up with caffeine or in a hurry. You will find that the thinner and shorter the brush, the more control you have over your line.
  • Avoid using liquid or crème under the eye as it is the thinnest skin on your entire body and will become irritated very easily.
  • Apply mascara to the tops and bottoms of lashes.
  • Clean up any residue and proceed with Eyebrows, then complexion and color.