Color Crisis #askrachel


As someone who paints faces on a daily basis in a range of up to at least 20 different shades. I'm fascinated by the recent tending news of Rachel Dolezal's color crisis. 

I find it very disheartening that so much judgement is being passed on a woman who in her heart feels she is black, even though biologically she is not. 

Comments are being made making fun of her for her permed hair, her fake tan, and other appearance enhancements made to transform her into what she feels she is. 

Every day we as women change everything. Our hair color, texture, putting sunscreen on to prevent us from getting darker, and sunless tanner on to be darker because let's face it, none of us love ourselves enough to leave any of us 100% the way we are alone. 

Am I saying lying is ok? No, I am not. However for any of you to say you've never kept a part of your Biological or environmental history out of conversation or censored some of it to be appropriate for the audience in which it was being presented to, you're also completely full of shit.  

The fact the her own parents outed her should tell you something. The fact that they haven't spoken in years should tell you something. 

This sensationalist news epidemic has completely overtaken this country in les then 24 hours we all know more about this woman then most of you know about your own neighbors, who by the way could also be living a reinvented life. 

Blood for everyone doesn't make a family. Rachel found a community she loved being a part of and worked for that community on a daily basis to improve it. She did not create this persona to intentionally cause harm to anyone, but grew into it as that's what she felt she was. 

Just like any lie, one turns into a spiderweb and can spiral out of control which obviously is where she's at now. 

All of you taking enjoyment in watching her world come crashing down on her, to say I'm disappointed is an understatement.  

So she likes her skin darker? Visit any tanning salon in any local neighborhood. 

So she likes her hair darker and curlier? Sit in any salon on any street corner for 2 hours and watch the transformation of anyone in any stylists chair. 

Neither of these are convictions of poor character like most of you are claiming them to be. 

I hope for her and her family she gets whatever help she needs to assist her in her struggles and that the community she loves and has dedicated her entire life, literally to, doesn't abandon her for not being the same race as them at birth. 

We are all works in progress and evolving at multiple points in our lives. Why pass judgement?